Will you be going to the carnival this year? By Alexia Apraiz

Everybody loves going to the carnival right? It’s time for the carnival to come to Grand Junction. It will be at the Mesa Mall. May 13-22. $25.00 per wristbands for unlimited rides as long as you want. Individual rides cost 3-6 tickets per ride. $1.00 per ticket. Mon-Thur is 5pm-11pm. Friday 4pm-12am. Saturday and Sunday is 12-12. Don’t wear open toe shoes or you cannot ride. Carnivals are always fun. You get together with friends and family and ride some rides. Some are very scary. Others are not so scary. They have game stands and food. Very fun and exciting! It feels like every year they always have the same rides. It would be pretty cool if they could have new rides sometimes. The carnival can be very scary for people and won’t go. Others find it more fun. It only comes once a year. You will get butterflies in your stomach. I always think it’s so pretty when you go in the air, there’s lights everywhere and music. Especially if you go on the faris wheel, you can see everything. The whole view of the carnival and it’s just beautiful.