man dies than comes back to life

Midland, Texas family wants to share their tearful message of a happy outcome, and a reminder of just how fragile life is.Earlier this year, Danie Corrals was eating dinner with his family when he choked. He was pronounced clinically dead but miraculously came back to life.Things were going well for the Corrals family. They were in the process of opening their business, Pristine Organic Cleaners, a dry cleaning alternative in Midland.But things took a dark turn the night of January 27, when Danie Corrales and his wife and son were eating dinner. Corrals choked. “There happened to be something humorous and I laughed at the wrong time and the food went down my trachea,” Danie said.”I looked over and my husband was laying on the floor. He was blue,” Michelle Corrales said.When EMS arrived at the family’s home, Danie had no pulse.He was rushed to the hospital, where he slipped into a coma. EMS managed to resuscitate Danie, but he had gone without oxygen for more than 20 minutes and was pronounced dead.”The odds were against me, that more than likely I would expect my husband to be in a vegetative state,” Michelle said.To preserve his brain activity, doctors put Danie in a hypothermia state for almost two weeks, then slowly raised his body temperature in an effort to wake him up.In the meantime, questions and doubt filled his family’s mind.”We have a young son and he’s seven now, and Danie’s been an amazing father to him. He’s his stepfather. My son has autism. I had a lot to think about at that time and we had our business halfway done,” Michelle added.She feared the worst, but inexplicably: “Danie did wake up. He was fine, he was perfect.”Appreciate the people in your life while you have them because you really don’t know what tomorrow may bring. And I wake up every day thanking God that I’m here,” Danie said. Danie actually went back to work the day after he was released from the hospital. He was determined to get the business up and running.

Cheyenne -do you think you could die than somehow come back to life –no i think that you are either wrongly marked dead, or you are dead
Do you know someone that has or seen a movie that someone has –of core in movies it’s for thrill but i do know of about 5 have died in real life
If you died would you want to come back to life –it depends but probably not

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man dies than comes back to life