Colorado Mesa University Walkers For Suicide By Alexia Apraiz

Suicide is caused by many ways. There are reasons for suicide. Many have lost loved ones because of suicide. It is caused by anger or regrets. Depression is a big one. Depression has people suffering and makes them feel hopeless. Depression makes them think like they question about their life. They feel like they have no purpose to life. Depression could be a disease it messes with your mind. People get depression just because and they can’t handle it. Depression is treatable and you shouldn’t just ignore it because it’s common most people ignore it but that’s not the way to do it. Talk to a counselor or maybe your doctor. There is help and you shouldn’t ignore the fact you have it. People have so much to life and people who love them. Sometimes you are just in dark places and you may feel like it’s never going to go away but it will. People are here for you reach out and ask for help if you have to never be afraid. Some people need help but don’t know how to ask for it. You can’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help to anybody. Bullying is also a big issue if you ever see somebody getting bullied stick up for them and tell them to leave you alone. Suicide is becoming a very big issue and there needs to be an end to suicide. People are tired of ignoring the fact there are kids still suffering so on Saturday, April 22 there was a suicide awareness walk at Colorado Mesa University. There were more than 700 people walking at Colorado Mesa University that day. They said the reason and the point for this walk was to start a conversation with the people who need help with a problem. They want people to know they are loved and they are safe. “Mesa County has one of the highest suicide rates in Colorado, and this year many students have lost a friend or a loved one.” They want people to know they do matter. We have a community that is ready to listen and we really do care. They raised more than $6,000 to the American foundation for Suicide Prevention. Let’s end suicide you are loved by many and have people in the community who care!
Devon 11th grade.
What do you feel about suicide?
Honestly I don’t feel like it’s the way to go. You have supportive people that will help you through it. There’s other ways to go about it and you know sometimes you feel like there’s no way out but there’s always a way out. You have supportive people. Me personally I don’t go to the counselors but there’s other people I do trust in the school and you just need to find those people you trust and love.
What do you think we can do to help prevent suicide?
What we can do to help prevent it is like when you like do the whole suicide prevention stuff, I feel like it doesn’t help so much. I feel like we need more downright stuff. There’s people that joke around with it and I don’t feel like that’s appropriate. I feel like we should have more serious conversations