Are you wondering what to do for this summer? By Alexia Apraiz

A lot of people go swimming for the summer because it always very hot. Swimming is a sport and can get you very tired and hungry. You use mostly your arms and legs. It will give you a workout. Some people swim for sports and some people will swim for fun. The people who take swimming very serious and use it as a sport usually can get hurt. You have to be healthy so you can catch your breath while swimming under water. The very first swimming book ever wrote was the “Swimmer or A Dialogue on the Art of Swimming.” Swimming started becoming competitive in England. There are different types of ways you can swim that they use for competition. Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Freestyle. In competition only one of these methods could be used. There are so many places you could swim in Grand Junction. They have specific swimwear. Their swimsuit of course, swim cap, goggles, swim fins, drag suits, hand paddles, and a kickboard. They wear the swim cap to keep their hair out there way. They wear the goggles to keep the chlorine and water out of their eyes. They wear the swim fins to kick faster and give more strength. They use the hand paddles to give the arm strength and the shoulders. For competitions they need a referee, starter, clerk of course, timekeepers, and inspectors of turns, judges of stroke, and the finish judges. The referee will enforce all rules and decisions. The starter tells when the swimmers can began their competition. The clerk of course are responsible for organizing the swimmers by their times. The time keepers are responsible for taking how long it takes them to swim one distance to another. The inspector of turns stands at the beginning and end of the pools and see if the swimmer goes against any of the rules. The finish judges score the swimmers on their method they chose to do.