13 reasons

13 Reasons Why by Lizbeth Garcia

13 Reasons why has decided to make a second season!! With the first season being a hit there was no way that they could not make a second. This show has to do with a girl named Hannah Baker who leaves behind tapes for all of the people that caused her suicide. She was a girl who was new in school she didn’t have many friends but then she met clay one of the other actors in the show and they became close and she met other people throughout the show but many of them didn’t have good intentions with her, she then started to get bullied and she became very depressed throughout the show it shows how kids really were rude and they talked behind her back. The only person that she really ever had was clay, clay is a very good looking guy who likes Hannah but he is too scared to tell her at first as the show goes on things change between them. The series co-show runner Brian Yorkey told the Los Angeles that there was more left to tell they said “Hannah’s story isn’t over- she has parents who still don’t have the complete story”, “there’s a rapist who hasn’t been brought to justice and there’s a living survivor of that rapist who is just beginning her journey of recovery”. I am very excited for this second season to come out because there is still so many questions that we all have about everything happening in the show.