Story by: Lizbeth Garcia
Summer is one of the most fun and exciting time of the year because you get to go out and do fun things! It’s the time when family and friends spend the most time with each other. Some people go and travel around and some just stay in town to hang out with family and friends.
There are a lot more things that you could do during the summer from camping, traveling, fishing, hiking, etc. It’s the time to definitely be outside and just enjoy nature, it’s the only time where it’s really warm but also a very good time to go and enjoy everything. Explorer new foods and cultures if you’re traveling, it’s the time of the year for lots of ice cream and popsicles where all cold foods taste more delicious than ever. It’s the time for swimming also where all pools get packed with people mostly what people like to do also because it gets way too hot. This summer should be way hot also because we didn’t really get much of a winter so summer is definitely planned to be super-hot so make sure to get your swimming gear and lots of sunscreen.
It’s the time of the year for lots of birthday parties and just some get together parties, most people enjoy making bonfires and just getting a bunch of their friends to go and hang out and just make a lot of memories with them, but also make sure that you are also being safe with whatever you do and definitely do not drink and drive. Most students don’t have both parents living together so what they do is maybe spend the whole summer with the other parent and school year with the other which for some kids it’s not a very fun thing to do because they wish that they could spend time with both parents all the time and for it to just be easier. What most families do is travel to another state for the whole summer and most of the common places that people usually go to is Las Vegas, Texas, and California which are the places where most people enjoy going for the summer to spend time with family.

Interview question:
What will you be doing this summer?
Lucirose Nyugen (9): I will be going to Vegas with my dad and also heading to Denver so that I can visit my sister and my mom and just spend time with the family and friends.