Last Day Of School

Last day of school:
Story by Lizbeth Garcia
The last day of school is right around the corner and students couldn’t be more excited. Students are ready for the summer and just have that time off where there is no more homework and stress, most students are very excited that they finally get to not worry about turning in their homework also with a lot of drama.
It also gives teachers some time off too but they still have to come in and make sure that they have all paper work turned in to show whether students passed their classes which is also one thing that students also stress before the end of the school year. Most students also get very upset that they won’t get to see their friends after that day because they are moving or there is also the fact that they just have really strict parents who are super over protective and strict so they don’t let them out.
Students are ready for the summer so that they are able to hang out with friends and be able to sleep in and just have a lot more free time and be stress free.