American Airlines is offering its pilots and flight attendants a pay bump

American Airlines is offering its pilots and flight attendants a pay bump:
Story by: Lizbeth Garcia
Hoping that they satisfy most employees they put demands in closing the big gap between their salaries and counterparts make at Delta and United. American is giving an 8% raise to pilots and a 5% increase to flight attendants. They feel like it is the right thing to do in order to keep all their workers and keep them satisfied especially with having to deal with the whole situation with people. The salary increases will cost American $230 million for 2017 and $350 million for 2018 and 2019, according to a company filling. The pay raise would go in at mid-contract, American pilots and flight attendants signed a new five year agreement in 2015, and received a 23% raise at the time. American Airline pilots currently get an average monthly salary of between about $6,500 and $25,000, depending on years of their experience. They feel the need to give the raise because of the situations that they have to go to especially if they have to many people on the flight and then having to tell someone that they have to catch the next flight and people get upset at that, what they are doing to fix it now is that if you have a flight a certain day and time you have to make sure and confirm it 60 hours before your flight time just to make sure that they do not have too many passengers and they have enough room for everyone so they don’t have to go through that situation again