Will you be going to prom 2017?

PROM 2017
How would you want to be asked to prom?
Prom is an event you could never forget. Once a year event. You get to dress in beautiful long and short dresses. Guys wear lovely tuxedos. You dress up really nice and get to go have the best time with your friends or the guy of your dreams. You also get to go have dinner before coming to prom. There are so many different ways to get asked to prom. Posters with memes and flowers. Have her favorite food and candy. They decorate a building and get a DJ to play awesome music for everyone. There will be a photo booth to take pictures with friends. Prom is for juniors and seniors but if you are asked to go to prom by a senior you are allowed to go. You will have to have good attendance to go to prom. $50 for couples and $35 for singles. Prom will be Saturday April 15! We asked Caleb Brown (12th) grade how you think prom will be different this year from last year. He replied, “Well personally I didn’t go to prom last year, I am going this year. But I know my girlfriend is in student council and she said it is going to be a lot better and there is going to be a lot more things to do and better hang out spots. The music is supposed to be better. Did you ask your girlfriend to prom yet? He replied, “I am going to ask her.” Are you going to a fancy restaurant? He replied, “I will probably take her to Red Lobster.” We asked a junior about prom. Alexis Hartman (11th) grade. How do you think prom will be this year? She replied, “It is going to be fun. It’s at the Avalon Theater and it will be new. There will be fun things to do. How much was your dress this year? She replied, “$100 because I bought it from somebody else.
Guy’s prom is right around the corner. Are you having troubles trying to ask a girl to go to prom?
Here are some ideas:
Get a poster write a cute meme on it or a poem and bring flowers.
Balloons are a great idea then you can POP the question.
A post-it-proposal could be an idea you can put huge letters on her door or garage door and she can see it when she gets home.
Ask a cool “chick” to prom with Chick-fil-A. Because no one can say no to Chick-fil-A.
Buy a smoothie and tell your partner you’d be juiced to go to prom with them.
Girls really love puppy’s maybe get a puppy and ask with a puppy.
Buy her Starbucks and balloons and create an awesome poster asking to go to prom.
Pizza is a girl’s favorite food get it cut into a heart and ask with a pizza.
If she is in a sport ask her with stuff that has to do with her sports.
Take her on a ride and put signs on the side of the road.
Use sticky notes and post all over her car.
Spell the questions out with candles.
Set up a scavenger hunt.
Make a cute pun.
Ask the question on a T-Shirt.
Also write a song for her.
There are many ideas boys be creative and have a good time! Be safe!