Testing 2017

There are pros and cons to testing. Everybody hates testing, right? It could stress you out. You have to be prepared for your test day. Have a full 8 hours of sleep and a good breakfast. You get to have breaks to give your brain a break. You can get out of testing early. Testing is a big deal. It’s a state test and it shows them how much we have learned in the year. We asked Jason (9th) grade how he thinks testing is going to be. He replied with, “So far by the practice stuff I have been given by my teachers, I think it will be very difficult this year. Before it seemed really easy but this year seems different.” We also asked how you think you’re going to do on the test. He replied with, “If I get one good week of studying, I would do decent. I’m not going to ace it but I’ll do decent.” We asked another question. What’s your advice for upcoming freshman? He replied, “Take a lot of notes so you can study. I take crappy notes and it’s not going to help me at all.” We also asked a sophomore what he thinks about testing. Brendon Wilson (10th) grade. How do you think of testing this year? He replied, “I think it will be hard.” Do you think you’re going to pass it? He replied, “No.”
You want to do the best you could because this test will say how much you know and how much you learned. These tests are useful tools to help teachers, schools, and districts to see what they need to do to improve their teaching skills to help the students learn in any way possible. Also your scores can give the colleges an idea of what classes you would need to take in college. There is PARCC, CMAS, PSAT, and SAT tests. PARCC testing is for freshman (9th) grade. PSAT is for sophomores (10th) grade. CMAS testing is for juniors (11th) grade. Also SAT is for juniors (11th) grade. It is a very good idea to study and make sure you are ready for your tests. These tests are very important.