Do you know how to write in cursive

jorgeWhile many school districts across the country are phasing out cursive writing, some schools, including Sioux Falls, South Dakota, aren’t ready to give it up.”It’s a whole question of, ‘How do we get everything in, in the day?'” said Ann Smith, the director of curriculum for the Sioux Falls school district.”It’s important because when you’re copying letters, your brain is processing it,” said Dr. Ovictor Tesoro, a pediatric neurologist at Avera Medical Group Pediatric Specialists. Tesoro said that learning cursive activates parts of the frontal and parietal lobes in the brain — which are associated with motor skills, communication and hand-eye coordination, along with math, science and music — respectively.”There’s been research that’s shown that if you are good in hand-eye coordination that your social and communication skills are also better,” said Tesoro. But that’s not the only benefit of writing in cursive. According to research, some of those pesky words you have trouble spelling could also be better learned using the writing style.”When a child masters a goal of some sort, like writing — writing in cursive — there’s this instant gratification that makes that feel like, ‘I can achieve something’ and this is very important in learning also,” Tesoro said.So the school district decided it will still keep cursive in the curriculum.”It really boils down to that still belief, that students need to be able to communicate through cursive writing,” Smith said. “We’re not ready to give that up yet.”Smith said Sioux Falls schools use “Cursive Without Tears” to teach students beginning in fourth grade.Some research shows that starting in third grade is the best age to begin teaching cursive writing.It’s also important to note that only a handful of research has been done on the positive effects of cursive and there has not been any research done yet that contradicts those studies Read the original version of this article at

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1- can you write in cursive-yes
2 if you can how well-i can write well but its not very good
3-who tough you – my 3rd grade teacher she did and she was the best teacher i have ever had and i haven’t seen her in a while.