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Colorado Department of Transportation reported 150 people died in car crashes, simply because they weren’t wearing seat belts.CDOT said if everyone had buckled up, nearly half of the victims would have lived through the crashes, which is why officers are enforcing the Click-it-or-Ticket campaign this week Colorado State Patrol on Sunday conducted a survey at 32 and E roads to see how many people were wearing their seat belts, without stopping them. CPS”align left size-thumbnail wp-image-3932″ /> found 23 percent of people were not buckled up.“We find that people not wearing seat belts is a statewide thing, but it does happen more in rural areas Some troopers also use a monocle to see inside cars.“A lot of times, we stop someone that we know they aren’t wearing their seat belt, and we watch them grab their seat belt really slowly and put it on,” said Trooper Hunter.He said those people still gets tickets, because they didn’t have their seat belt on at the time.For adults, not wearing a seat belt is a secondary violation, which means they have to be doing something else, like speeding, following too close, or have a cracked windshield, in order for troopers to pull them over.For minors, it’s a primary violation and the fine is more serious.I don’t know why I’ve never been that way. I grew up when we didn’t have seat belts, I just don’t think I needed one,” said Romero.A recent and very serious rollover crash in Fruita, where two were hurt proves the point even more. The passengers were thrown from the vehicle because they weren’t using seat belts, officials said.“I had a bad accident last December I’m still recovering…probably would have been worse if I didn’t have my seat belt on,” said Fannie Terrell who lives near Mack. “Buckle up because it can save your life.”The minimum fine for not wearing a seat belt is $65 per violation. Troopers said it has to be worn correctly.